31 January 2018

Trainee spotlight: Mischa Bandet

From Campus Alberta Neuroscience:

Doctoral student Mischa Bandet’s interest in neuroscience was piqued early. Volunteering in two labs and co-authoring two articles during his undergraduate studies, he also discovered the many paths open to him — and gained insights he shares with fellow trainees.

Read article on the Campus Alberta Neuroscience newsletter.


28 November 2017

Research projects to probe PTSD in Alberta get $100,000 boost. 

Alberta research projects probing post-traumatic stress disorder in military veterans and first responders will benefit from $100,000 in funding and a new collaboration between the University of Alberta and Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital. Read article at the Edmonton Journal.

Listen to Dr. Misiaszek's interview on the Alberta Morning News.


8 September 2017

Feature article: Neurophysiology and neural engineering: a review 

We present a historical article on neuro engineering by Arthur Prochazka, published in the Journal of Neurophysiology. Click the title above to read the review.


28 August 2017

On Tuesday August 29, 2017, Dr. Robert Gaunt from the University of Pittsburgh will be giving a seminar on neuroprosthetics. We invite everyone who is interested to attend. 

Seminar Details:
Tuesday, August 29, 2017
2:30 - 3:30 pm
Donadeo Innovation Center for Engineering (ICE) 8-207 (Patrick D. Daniel/Enbridge Lecture Theatre)

Implantable cortical neuroprosthetics for sensorimotor science and rehabilitation

Over the past decade, several groups have implanted microelectrode arrays into the sensorimotor cortex of paralyzed individuals. At the University of Pittsburgh, we have worked with two volunteers and have shown that recording and decoding the activity of a few hundred neurons in motor cortex enables a person to control a prosthetic arm with up to 10 degrees-of-freedom continuously and simultaneously. But we know that the sensory system is crucially important to regulate ongoing movement and to enable controlled interactions with our environment. In this talk I will focus on our efforts to understand how proprioception, that sense of where our limbs are in space, influences motor control using a brain-computer interface and how we might begin to restore cutaneous sensations through electrical microstimulation of the primary somatosensory cortex. Ultimately we aim to restore dexterous hand and arm movements, complete with the appropriate sensory experiences, to people who have lost their limbs or are unable to use them because of injury or disease.

Link to Dr. Gaunt's Research Page:



11 August 2017

Trainee Professional Development Retreat

Registration is now open for Campus Alberta Neuroscience's third annual Trainee Professional Development Retreat.

Through a partnership with the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, the retreat is a unique opportunity to bring together trainees from across the province to explore professional development topics relevant to their future careers, both inside and outside of academia. The focus of this retreat will be on the interpersonal and public/professional aspects of collaborative communication and adjusting messages to communicate effectively with different audiences. These topics have been selected because the ability to work closely with and collaborate with others, and to speak clearly, concisely and persuasively is paramount to success in any career.

Registration is only $40, which includes travel to and from Banff, accommodations at the Banff Centre and all meals during the Retreat. The workshop can accommodate a limited number of participants and spaces are filling quickly. Please visit the website for more information on how to register:

If you have any questions, please contact Renee Dumas at

Trainee Professional Development Retreat information:
September 30 – October 1, 2017
Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, Banff, AB
Registration: $40, space is limited
Registration fee includes travel, accommodations and meals


23 May 2017

Dr. Monica Perez ( will be giving the Dr. Richard Stein Seminar on May 30 at noon. She would be very happy to meet with any interested people sometime on Monday, May 29. If you would like to meet with her next Monday, please contact Dave Collins ( with times when you are available to meet and an itinerary will be put together. 

The Corticospinal Pathway following Spinal Cord Injury

The corticospinal tract is an important target for motor recovery after spinal cord injury (SCI) in humans. Using noninvasive electrophysiological techniques we have demonstrated the presence of reorganization in corticospinal projections targeting spinal motor neurons of muscles located close and at a distance from the injury site in individuals with chronic anatomically incomplete cervical SCI. Our physiological findings indicate that corticospinal transmission in intrinsic hand muscles change in a task-dependent manner and to a different extent in individuals taking and those who are not taking baclofen. We used this physiological information to develop noninvasive protocols to enhance transmission on residual corticospinal projections in humans with incomplete SCI. For example, we have precisely timed the arrival of descending and peripheral volleys at corticospinal-motoneuronal synapses of hand and leg muscles. We found that the arrival of presynaptic volleys prior to motor neuron discharge enhanced corticospinal transmission and hand and leg voluntary motor output. Modulation of residual corticospinal connections may represent a therapeutic target for enhancing voluntary motor output following SCI.


2 May 2017

Neuroscientists at the University of Alberta have made a major discovery on the nature of spinal cord injuries that may unlock a number of new treatment possibilities for those suffering impairment.

University of Alberta discovery offers promise of new therapies for spinal cord injuries    


27 February 2017

Megan Bryanton received a fellowship from Parkinson Alberta to study "Sensory reweighting of light touch during standing in Parkinson's Disease and healthy older adults." Megan is a postdoctoral fellow in John Misiaszek's lab.


6 February 2017

Hi SRN trainees,

You are invited to another semester of the SRN journal club. This group is open to students and post docs in the SRN group to practice talking about science together.

Our meetings are on Mondays from 4-5pm in Katz 5-003 side B. Come join us for our first meeting on February 6th!

See you soon,

Allison Smith (


14 October 2016

Our alumni is in the spotlight! Rob Gaunt, currently at the University of Pittsburg, completed a PhD in Biomedical Engineering in 2008 at the University of Alberta. His team has developed a brain implant that restored the sense of touch to a paralyzed man. There was a project demonstration for US President Obama as part of the White House Frontiers Conference in Pittsburg. Please read these articles.

Nature: Pioneering brain implant restores paralysed man's sense of touch

National Post: In a medical first, brain implant allows paralyzed man to feel again through mind-controlled robotic arm.

NBC News: Brain Chip Helps Paralyzed Man Feel His Fingers

Wired: Obama Geeks Out Over a Brain-Controlled Robotic Arm That ‘Feels’

Dr. Gaunt presents his research to the President.Article signed by President Obama.

3 October 2016

New publication! "Training-Specific Neural Plasticity in Spinal Reflexes after Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury" will appear in an upcoming volume of Neural Plasticity. The manuscript reports work from one of Atif Khan's PhD thesis projects.


30 September 2016

Hi SRN trainees,

You are invited to the second edition of the SRN journal club. This group was created last year to provide students with a relaxed environment (i.e. no PI's allowed) in which to practice talking about science. Our time together was spent discussing papers, proposals, defenses, and candidacy topics - let's keep this eclectic momentum going! 

Who: All trainees in the SRN group. We are extending our invitation to post-docs and new students! 


Where: Katz 5-003 side A

When: Wednesdays from 4 - 5pm was the winning time to have our weekly meetings. Ashley Dalrymple will kick off our first meeting on Oct 5th. Come join us!

See you soon,

Allison Smith (

9 September 2016

Hi SRN Group,

We hope everyone had a great summer. We are looking forward to reconvening our News and Views lunch time meetings. The first News and Views of the year will be next Friday September 16th at noon in Katz 3003 (topic to be announced soon).  We will meet every other week from then until Christmas (see schedule). As always we will lead off with some time for people to discuss upcoming meetings, grants or anything that the group might find of interest.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!


Dave and Monica


2 May 2016

Hi SRN grad students,

Thanks to those who are interested in meeting for journal club over the summer! We will continue to meet on Wednesdays from 4-5 in Katz 5-003 side B. Let me know if you would like to lead a discussion one week - we have lots of room in the schedule so far. 

See you soon,



28 Apr 2016

‘Expecting the unexpected’: Rehab med researchers take home $2M grant

Neuroscientists receive their largest funding to date from National Institute of Health.


13 Jan 2016

Hi SRN grad students,

Thanks for your interest in round 2 of the journal club! There was no perfect time for everyone, but it turns out that keeping it at the same time as last semester works well for the majority of people. So let's continue meeting on Wednesdays from 4 - 5 PM. 

Come join us for our first meeting!

Wednesday, January 13, from 4 - 5 PM

Katz 5-003 side B (not side A)

See you soon,



6 Jan 2016

Happy New Year SRN grad students,

Our journal club got off to a great start last semester. Let's continue talking about science together!

Since our schedules have likely changed this semester, we may need to find a new time to meet. Please fill out this poll and select the days and times that work best for you. It would be helpful if everyone selected multiple times they are free and we can narrow it down from there. We'll keep this on the same day and time every week. Doodle poll!

See you soon!


18 Nov 2015

Dr. Karim Fouad and his research team receive the Michael Fux Reaching & Grasping Award thanks to the Conquer Paralysis Now Challenge. More information is available in the following articles.

SCI-Robot: UAlberta researchers receive funding in hopes of improving rehabilitation training for spinal cord injury patients

Novel Approaches To Spinal Cord Injury Treatment Earn Researchers $700,000 In Prizes


22 Oct 2015

Attn: Graduate students!

You are all invited to the first student journal club. This journal club will give us an opportunity to discuss sensorimotor rehabilitation topics in a relaxed environment. Come join us!

Wednesday October 28th, 4:00 - 5:00 pm   Katz 5-003 side A

Presenter: Ashley Dalrymple

Weekly meetings will be held on Wednesdays from 4-5pm. 

Contact: Allison Smith


15 Oct 2015

Attn: Graduate students!

We are excited to be starting a journal club open to all graduate students in the SRN group. This will be a great opportunity to have a relaxed environment to practice talking about science with each other.

Who: SRN graduate students. At our first meeting, we'll have a sign up sheet so we can choose when people would like to 'present' a paper to the group. 

Where: TBD. Likely in one of the small conference rooms in Katz.  

When: 1 hour every week. First meeting during the last week of October. Please fill out the following poll so we can find a time that works well for everyone. We'll keep this on the same day and time every week. 

Doodle Poll!

Contact: Allison Smith


23 Sep 2015

Neurohike celebrates 30 years of blending science and nature.

From the Fall 2015 issue of the CANdid Newsletter.


22 Sep 2015

Campus Alberta Neuroscience has opened registration for SYMPOSIUM2015! The theme this year's conference is Connecting Alberta Neuroscience. It will be held in MacEwan Hall at  the University of Calgary from October 28 - 30, 2015.


19 Sep 2015

The N.E.R.D Run was a success! During the event, one participant walked a part of the route assisted by a Rewalk exoskeleton. Dr. Jaynie Yang leads a research team at the Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute studying how to retrain walking for individuals who have had a spinal cord injury using the ReWalk. Please watch the coverage.

CBC: Robotic exoskeleton helping Denny Ross find his footing once again

CTV: Edmonton paraplegic ‘steps out’ in support of brain research

Global: Paralyzed Edmonton man takes part in charity walk thanks to the help of robotic exoskeleton

 The U of Alberta Gateway: Neuroscience research takes steps forward with N.E.R.D. Run


9 Sep 2015

The Neuroscience & Mental Health Institute is organizing The N.E.R.D. Run! This event on  Saturday, September 19 is a fundraiser to support brain research at the University of Alberta. There will be prizes and a BBQ. Plase support us by participating or supporting a registrant. Registration closes on September 16.


1 Jan 2015

Congratulations to Dr David Collins on receiving a Craig H. Neilsen Foundation grant. The grant, entitled "Reducing contraction fatigue after a spinal cord injury" is for three years with a primary goal to develop protocols for generating fatigue-resistant contractions for cycling on a stationary bicycle using functional electrical stimulation.

17 Sept 2014

Laugh Your Wheels Off in support of ACPSALYWO Poster
Alberta Cerebral Palsy Sports Association
Wednesday, 17 September 2014 from 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM (EDT)
Enoch, AB

12 Sept 2014 
We will restart News and Views after a summer break, with updates/events of the summer, and the fall out from our retreat.  Please note the schedule for the fall (accessible from the left menu system). If you cannot make it you are responsible for finding a replacement.


1 July 2014 

Two new members have been added to our group. Please welcome Drs. Ibolja Cernak and Doug Zochodne.

1 May 2014 

A vision retreat has been sheduled for Friday the 13th, and Dr. Heberts presentation will be resheduled. Lunch will be provided. Please expect a 2.5 to 3h meeting

4 Apr 2014

Jaynie Yang will present her work. Everyone is welcome!

Please find below a list for the upcoming presentations. If you are not avialbale to present, please find another PI to replace you.

18th April, Fred Colbourne 
2nd May, Simon Gosganch
16th May, Arthur Prochazka
30th May, Karim Fouad
13th June, Jacqueline Hebert
27th June, Vivian Mushahwar
July- August summer break 


24 Apr 2014
Launch of our website. Feedback is welcome.

21 March 2014                  
We have a logo: